John Cain



John Cain, known principally as a jazz pianist and singer, is also a composer, musician, actor, bandleader, arranger and orchestrator.

Cain currently resides in Cuenca, Ecuador were he owns,

operates and performs at his own venue,

"The Tangier Lounge" with his wife, jazz singer KatieCat.  

He performs occasional stints in the United States

and other countries around the world.

He performs solo and with his jazz trio.

He appears frequently in the duo KatieCat & Cain

He plays piano, guitar, bass, harmonica, accordion

and sings in five languages.

In addition to live performances he gives educational lectures

and seminars on the  history of jazz, Latin music, and classical music.

He is an Artist in Residence with the So Cal Jazz Society

He is a Docent with the Advocates For Classical Music

for the San Diego Symphony

He is author of the book “Life’s A Good Gig,” nominated for best non-fiction book by the San Diego Book & Writers Awards.

He has penned several essays and articles for various publications. 

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